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2012 Quarter 1
AFRICA: 1:50,000 Topographic Maps  

Africa has been, and will continue to be, an area of great interest for its history, abundant natural resources and cultural diversity.  EVG has maintained an office in Africa for over five years. This presence has allowed us establish close relationships and form agreements with national mapping agencies across Africa. This network has allowed us to acquire extensive coverage of nationally produced maps from various countries.  Most notably, we have amassed a large collection of 1:50,000 scale topographic maps over many of Africa's countries.  This is the largest scale at which most countries produce maps, and it provides excellent detail for elevation, roads, cities and much more.

Feature Country - TANZANIA
As an emerging mining destination and natural gas producer with immense infrastructural projects in tow, the Tanzanian government is opening up to investors in their efforts to boost economic growth. EVG, in partnership with Tanzania's Survey and Mapping Division, now brings you complete countrywide coverage of their nationally produced 1:50,000 scale topographic maps. Through our agreement with them, their topographic products can be offered digitally.

Feature Country - ZIMBABWE
Published by Surveyor-General Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, this map series consists of near complete country coverage of Zimbabwe with 570 of 573 maps published between 1965 and 2005. With increases of 35-50% in the mining and agriculture sectors and overall exports over the last 3-4 years, Zimbabwe's economy is now beginning to recover from more than a decade of decline. Development and growth is afoot and these maps show it all.

In addition to Zimbabwe and Tanzania, 1:50,000 scale topographic maps are available for:

Extensive Coverage
*    Botswana (70%)
*    Cape Verde (80%)
*    Côte d'Ivoire (60%)
*    Comoros (100%)
*    Egypt (Eastern 33%, Nile River)
*    Ethiopia (60%)
*    Gambia (100%)
*    Ghana (100%)
*    Liberia (33%)
*    Madagascar (40%)
*    Malawi (75%)
*    Mozambique (60%)
*    Nigeria (70%)
*    Rwanda (100%)
*    Sierra Leone (100%)
*    São Tomé and Príncipe (100% at 1:75,000 and 1:30,000)
*    Seychelles (Mahé)
*    South Africa (100%)
*    Swaziland (100%)
*    Tanzania (100%)
*    Uganda (100%)
*    Zambia (50%)
*    Zimbabwe (99%)

Partial/Scattered Coverage
*    Algeria (Northern tip)
*    Angola
*    Burkina Faso
*    Democratic Republic of the Congo
*    Gabon
*    Libya (Northernmost Cities)
*    Morocco

Additionally we have topographic map coverage of many African countries at various other scales, GIS vector and raster data, geological maps, satellite imagery, digital elevation models, thematic maps, nautical charts and more.

Contact Us for more information on Africa 50K topographic maps and other African data in our library.
BRAZIL FOCUS: Topographic Maps,
Vector Data & National Atlas

Topographic Maps

1:50,000 scale

1:100,000 scale
1:250,000 scale
  • EVG has extensive topographic coverage of Brazil at various scales.   
  • Many sheets are available as original lithographic prints, and all sheets are available in raster or print-on-demand.
  • Published by Brazil national mapping agencies IBGE and DSG.
Vector Data
  • EVG has extensive vector and topographic coverage of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo at various scales.  
  • All sheets are available as full topographic vector data or born-digital topographic maps in raster or print-on-demand. 

Rio de Janeiro 

  • 1:2,000 scale vector data and born-digital topographic maps
    • Full city coverage in 902 sheets  
  • 1:10,000 scale vector data and born-digital topographic maps
    • Full city coverage in 64 sheets
  • Published by IPP (Insituto Pereira Passos)  
São Paulo
  • 1:1,000 scale vector data and born digital topographic maps
    • Central city coverage in 3,826 sheets
  • 1:5,000 scale vector data and born digital topographic maps
    • Northern and Southern outer city coverage in 100 sheets
  • Published by Prefeitura de São Paulo  

National Atlas
  • Atlas nacional do Brasil Milton Santos
  • ISBN 8524008911, Hard Cover, 307 pages, Portuguese
  • The national atlas of Brazil. This edition, from 2010, offers a unique historical perspective of South America's largest country.  
  • In addition to this national atlas, we have a variety of thematic atlases of Brazil available including:
    • History
    • Rivers
    • Regional
    • And more
  • Published by IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica, 2010.
Contact Us to learn more about Brazil topographic maps, vector data and atlases.
Precision Aerial Imagery

RGB* Precision Aerial Imagery by County
This simple solution for county-wide RGB 30cm aerial imagery is ideally suited for county governments. For applications requiring imagery at higher resolution than is currently available from commercial satellites, aerial data is key. Using their industry-leading digital imaging technology, DigitalGlobe has acquired wall-to-wall 30cm natural color and 60cm color-infrared orthoimagery coverage of the contiguous United States and Western Europe, with 15cm resolution imagery available for Germany.

This product, Precision Aerial, is perfect for users seeking an attractively-priced imagery solution that requires no further processing or manipulation by the end-user. Precision Aerial data is collected from a uniform platform with consistency in accuracy, seasonality and resolution. 

The appetite of the geospatial industry for data with better resolution and greater consistency continues to grow. This product is ideally suited for such users and fills a commercial void in the market for high-quality digital orthophotos.  


[Sample Images 2 - 30cm RGB - 60cm CIR, California, USA]  


As a North American Partner of DigitalGlobe, East View Geospatial (EVG) is able to offer the Precision Aerial product in addition to imagery collected from DG's constellation of high-resolution satellites.


Contact us for more information DigitalGlobe Precision Aerial.

MYANMAR: 50K Vector Data

Myanmar 1:50,000 scale topographic vector data

Available off-the-shelf from EVG is a 1:50,000 scale GIS topographic vector dataset of Myanmar. The vector dataset includes full coverage of Myanmar in a series of 1,134 15-minute x 15-minute sheets. No other commercially-available mapping covers the entirety of Myanmar at the level of detail offered by this map series from EVG. This is a great database for any researcher or corporate/government user with interests in this closed country where virtually no GIS data is available.

This vector dataset is delivered in ESRI shapefile or Geodatabase format. Other formats, including EVG cartographically-finished paper/raster maps are also available upon request.  All feature names and attributes are in English, and any text from the source maps has been Romanized.

[Sample - Myanmar 50K Vector Data] 


This product is available in a variety of geographic coverages including: 1 by 1 degree geocells, 15 by 15 minute quadrangles, or per square kilometer. Provided content is also available in individual themes (layers) such as transportation only. Source material and production dates range from 2001 to 2010.  


A partial listing of the thematic categories is shown below.
         * Boundaries
         * Elevation (10m contour lines)
         * Hydrography
         * Industry
         * Populated Places
         * Transportation
         * Utilities
         * Vegetation

Samples, pricing and full database specifications are available upon request. Contact us to learn more about Myanmar 50K vector data.
Geospatial Data & Map Services for Academia

Geospatial Data Hosting
EVG hosts terabytes of vector data, raster data and digital maps. EVG can host your existing databases, or the databases provided by EVG. The data and raster maps can be accessed through a web application for non-GIS users, and through Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), or Web Coverage Service (WCS) for use in GIS. These services can simply be used to view maps/data, or can be customized to query, analyze and download the maps/data.

Map Scanning, Cataloging and Indexing 
EVG maintains the world's largest commercially-available collection of maps and geospatial data. Our own digitization, cataloging, scanning, index map-creation and overall collection management procedures has proven valuable to the academic community at large. EVG has performed numerous cataloging projects, which often include custom procurements, high-resolution scanning and metadata creation for ingestion into various ILS/OPAC systems. In addition to readily available Off-The-Shelf indexes (GIS shapefiles, tabular data, or index maps), EVG can scan maps, store digital backup copies and compile series and sheet level metadata to meet custom specifications.

Contact Us for more information on Geospatial Data and Map Services for Academia.
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