East View Geospatial (EVG) has been serving universities around the globe for over twenty years. Librarians, researchers and GIS department faculty turn to EVG for topographic maps, satellite imagery, geological maps, nautical charts, atlases and increasingly, vector data for ingestion into GIS systems. EVG specializes in procuring data from some of the hardest to reach places on Earth. With this data researchers, students and everyday patrons are able to use the most up-to-date, accurate and authoritative information in their research calculations.

Additional areas of interest include: cultural resource preservation and management and education K-12 and beyond.


Product & Service Offerings

  • International Map Sets
  • Vector & Raster Data
  • Population Datasets
  • Atlases & Books
  • Digital Index Maps
  • EVGeoCloud
  • Digitization


  • Scholarship
  • Research & Analysis
  • Teaching
  • Preservation
  • LandScan Global Archive

Sample Projects

  • University of Hawaii Flood Recovery
  • Mexican Vector Data Acquisition & Hosting for the University of Arizona
  • Soviet City Plans for Georgetown University