East View Geospatial (EVG) provides a variety of products and solutions for the aviation industry, including commercial airlines, avionics manufacturers, flight planing engineers and systems integrators. EVG's source material library covers virtually every geocell on Earth and is complemented by an impressive catalog of off-the-shelf products that include terrain data, vertical obstruction databases, digital topographic maps and aeronautical charts.

Increasing industry regulation and flight saftey concerns have resulted in elevated data requirements and standards for aircraft operators. EVG's long history of data production for aviation industry end-users makes us well positioned to respond with a timely solution to almost any requirement, allowing for enhanced safety and security for aircraft passengers.

Additional areas of interest include: aviation navigation and safety

Product & Service Offerings

  • Airport Mapping Databases (AMDB)
  • Digital Terrain Data (DSM, DTM, DTED, HRTI)
  • Vertical Obstruction Databases
  • Aerial & Satellite Imagery
  • TAWS Data (CFIT Avoidance - Controlled Flight Into Terrain)


  • Navigation & Situational Awareness
  • Flight Terrain & Tracking
  • Terrain Avoidance
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Simulations, Training Systems & Product Demonstrations

Sample Projects

  • Airport Mapping Databases (KPHX - Phoenix Skyharbor)
  • Terrain Datasets (Iceland 20m DTM, Faroe Islands 10m DTM)
  • CADRG Mosaic (Middle East 1:50,000 scale)