East View Geospatial (EVG) first brought declassified Soviet military information to the west in 1989. Since that time, EVG has served the U.S. government, defense contractors, foreign governments and think tanks with hard-to-source licensed content and value-add production services.

EVG's distributed supplier network gathers geospatial data and academic, statistical and media publishing. EVG already has, or knows, the whereabouts of critical, open-source information to support GEOINT and OSINT for all parts of the world.

Product & Service Offerings

  • VMAP Compliant Geospatial Data
  • High-resolution Terrain Data
  • Imagery Interpretation Analysis
  • 3D City & Facility Models
  • Geographic Names & Boundaries


  • C41SR
  • Urban Military Operations
  • Mission Planning
  • Defense Mapping
  • Combat Terrain Information

Sample Projects

  • MDG/MGCP/TLM Production
  • High-resolution Feature Data
  • Hard-to-acquire Geospatial Data Procurements
  • Base Map Creation for UAV Manufacture
  • ADM2/3 GIS-ready Boundary Creation