East View Geospatial (EVG) has worked with oil, gas, mining and environmental firms for many years. The geologists, geophysicists, surveyors and engineers working around the globe on large and small scale projects turn to EVG to supply hart-to-acquire, local mapping data as well as aerial and satellite imagery from numerous sources. EVG is often asked to produce a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), extract geological vector data or perform some other custom product for the end user.

Additional areas of interest include: natural resource conservation, resource mining, renewable energy resources and oil and gas resources.

Product & Service Offerings

  • High-resolution 3D Terrain Data
  • Digital Topographic Maps
  • Digital Nautical Charts
  • Satellite & Aerial Imagery
  • Large-scale Topographic & Geological GIS Vector Data


  • Pipeline Routing
  • Well Locating
  • Seismic Surveying
  • Terrain Analysis

Sample Projects

  • Iraq 30m DEM
  • Mongolia 1:1m Geological Vector Data
  • Caspian Region Geological Maps & Nautical Charts
  • Tanzania 1:100,000 scale Geological Mapping