East View Geospatial (EVG) has worked with some of the premier organizations around the world; producing visual databases for aircraft and helicopter simulators, gaming environments and mission planning applications. Using inputs such as aerial/satellite imagery, digital terrain information and 2D/3D vector layers, EVG produces simulated real-world environments for regional, local or site-specific projects over key geographic areas around the world. Transforming map data into 3D environments allows users to perform visual analysis, as well as extract relevant information from their databases, such as proximity, distance, bearing and line of sight.

Drawing from an extensive global supplier network, dozens of vendor relationships and EVG's own collection of maps and digital geospatial data, EVG is typically able to offer multiple database options conforming to any standard or custom requirements that may be presented.

Product & Service Offerings

  • Feature Capture & Digitization
  • Terrain Rendering
  • Image Processing
  • 2.5D/3D Building & City Model Databases
  • 2D Maps & Imagery


  • Urban Modeling
  • Flight Simulation
  • Mission Training
  • Emergency Planning
  • Threat Analysis

Sample Projects

  • Skopje Macedonia 3D City Model
  • Chile Imagery Database
  • France/Spain - Imagery & VMAP1/VMAP2 Database
  • Sardinia 1:50,000 scale Vector Database