The Ordnance Surveyis the authoritative mapping agency in Great Britain that maintains a long standing history of recording every geographic feature in the country. Its initial inception began in 1746 when William Roy was tasked with a military survey of Scotland commissioned by King George II. Since that time, creativity and innovation have propelled Ordnance Survey as the foremost mapping authority of Great Britain. By creating high quality maps and datasets, Ordnance Survey provides a wide range of businesses, governments and consumers with the most accurate data able to help support and visualize their projects.  

East View Geospatial distributes products and content originating from the Ordnance Survey under license agreement

Product Overview

Raster Data

  • EVMap 25 and EVMap 50- UK represent part of the ever-expanding 1:25,000 and 1:150,000 scale collections of high-quality, countrywide digital maps from EVG.
  • OS 25K and OS 50K colour raster are high-quality digital maps that can be used as basemaps for GPS units, mobile apps and as graphics for print.
  • OS Street View is a basemap that offers a clear depiction of roads and utilizes the OS color palette.
  • Miniscale is a digital map of Great Britain neatly packing into a single data file that displays towns and cities, major roads, motorways, railways and airports.
OS MasterMap 25K color raster
OS MasterMap 50K color raster
OS MasterMap Miniscale


Vector Data

  • OS MasterMap - Topography layer is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dataset of Great Britain and can be used as a reference to any-real world feature.
  • OS MasterMap - Sites layer allows you to identify major points of interest and evaluate potential impacts of planned works and events in a given location.
  • OS MasterMap - Integrated Transport Network (ITN) layer is the most complete and up-to-date network view of Great Britain's roads and displays the geometry of 550,000 km of motorways, roads and urban paths.
  • OS VectorMap is a street-level basemap that is available in both vector and raster format.
  • OS VectorMap District is a basemap that is customisable, allowing you shade areas, pin-point locations and identify boundaries.
  • Stragegi is a dataset rich in regional detail at a scale of 1:250,000.
  • Boundary-Line offers local government administrative and electoral boundaries in Great Britain.

OS MasterMap topography layer
OS MasterMap sites layer
OS MasterMap boundary-line layer



  • OS Terrain 5 models roads, railways, quarries, lakes and other features that is regularly updated with an accuracy exceeding 2.5m RMSE.
  • OS Terrain 50 is a DTM available both as a grid or contour datasets.

OS MasterMap terrain 5
OS MasterMap terrain 50




OS MasterMap imagery layer