Global Aeronautical Charts

East View Geospatial's collection of aeronautical charts is unsurpassed and continues to grow. Currently, East View Geospatial owns complete sets of the following NGA Global Aeronautical Charts:

  • Jet Navigation Chart (JNC) 1:2M Scale
  • Global Navigation and Planning Chart (GNC) 1:5M Scale
  • Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) 1:1M Scale
  • Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC) 1:500,000 Scale
  • Joint Operations Graphic (JOG) 1:250,000 Scale- Aeronautical

National Aeronautical Charts

East View Geospatial also actively maintains collections of nationally published aeronautical charts including the following:

  • Brazilian Aeronautical Charts 1:1,000,000 Scale
  • Brazilian Aeronautical Charts 1:250,000 Scale
  • Brazilian Aeronautical Charts 1:500,000 Scale