EVGeoCloud is a web-based platform that provides easy online access to geospatial data. East View Geospatial has been serving universities around the globe for over twenty years. With the introduction of EVGeoCloud, academic institutions now have the opportunity to gain online access to an exponential, commercially available collection of maps and geospatial data.


Hosting Your Data and Our Data

EVG currently hosts many terabytes of vector data, raster data and digital maps. When connected to the EVGeoCloud platform, campus computers can easily access a wide range of readily available geospatial data. EVGeoCloud can also host universities' existing data and provide access to all through a single point of entry. Finally, EVG can inexpensively process and mount your flat maps, old CDs and hard drives of geospatial data onto EVGeoCloud.

The Platform

EVGeoCloud spans a spectrum of services from Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) as well as internet browser-based platforms and custom applications. The secure and well-maintained portal replaces the university's ongoing IT maintenance and improves manageability of this map data.


East Web Access

Whether it's an existing catalog of raster and vector geospatial data or purchased datasets, EVGeoCloud connects users to the resources they need through a single web-based entry point. GIS and on-GIS users will both benefit from EVGeoCloud.

Data Discovery and Cataloging

EVGeoCloud allows your patrons to easily find and retrieve your vast collection of datasets. Simply long-in to your portal, add your datasets and explore the results.

Secure Storage, Hosting and Dissemination

EVGeoCloud also provides a secure mechanism for protecting and managing data, freeing up your IT resources.