East View Geospatial offers all types and formats of digital mapping and geospatial data. Worldwide off-the-shelf GIS-ready geospatial data is available for immediate delivery and new digital content is continuously being created based on the most authoritative sources. Source data includes official national mapping agency publications, aerial and satellite imagery, and commercial products of third party partner organizations.

Samples of Available Geospatial Data

United States Global Geospatial Datasets:

  • LandScan Globla Popoulation Database
  • VMAP0
  • VMAP

Samples of Available Geospatial Data

Nationally Published Geospatial Datasets:

  • Angola 1:10,000 scale city vector data
  • Haiti VMAP2 compliant vector data
  • Kazakhstan 1:200,000 scale topographic vector data
  • Netherlands 1:10,000 scale vector data
  • South Africa 1:50,000 scale vector data