Imagery options have increased dramatically over the past decade. Imagery is now being used for geospatial production of countless varieties. East View Geospatial set out in 1995 to represent imagery and mapping data from publishers around the globe. Since that time, East View Geospatial has become the one source to help you navigate the many choices of data and to custom-build geospatial datasets that meet exacting client specifications.

Some of our Imagery Providers:

  • DigitalGlobe
  • AIRBUS Defense and Space
  • Planet
  • SI Imaging Services (formally SATREC)
  • 21AT
  • ImageSat
  • PlanetObserver
  • UrtheCast/Deimos Imaging

Other Imagery Families

Radar and LiDAR

  • EVG tasks and works with radar and LiDAR data suppliers for these special types of imagery. Radar sensor sallow imagery acquisition regardless of weather or atmospheric conditions. LiDAR offers extreme geospatial detail and positional accuracy.

Declassified / Historical U.S. and Soviet Imagery

  • EVG has direct access to archives of both the U.S. and former Soviet Cold War satellite and other imagery programs. These are the only sources for high resolution satellite imagery from the 1960's to 1980's.

Government and Specialized Sensors

  • More and more governments and corporations from around the world are operating medium and high-resolution imagery collection platforms.

Aerial Imagery

  • Aerial photography has long been the work horse of the remote sensing industry and is collected by hundreds of organizations worldwide. EVG is uniquely positioned to bring these resources to market by leveraging multiple international relationships and commercial partnerships. By capitalizing on these relationships, coverage can be coordinated to meet unique client specifications, including accuracy, resolution and historical time frame.