Introducing MapVault!

MapVault provides access to 500,000+ georeferenced map sheets in over 1,000 authoritative map series — without the costs of procuring, storing and digitizing physical maps.

MapVault is a subscription-based service that brings thousands of authoritative map series together in one experience. This unparalleled streaming service delivers immediate access to East View Geospatial’s extensive raster map collection—the world’s most comprehensive commercially-owned geospatial library.

Explore the World with MapVault

All scales. All languages. All countries. Current and historical. Federal government, local government, military and commercially published. MapVault has it all.

With MapVault, we’ve taken the time and cost out of creating a fast, easy and accessible environment for users to discover and utilize maps.  Robust metadata, including individual sheet-level metadata, makes finding the right maps a breeze, while the seamlessly mosaicked tilesets provide users with an experience they’re familiar with—being able to easily drag and zoom maps without pesky loading delays or loss of resolution. Use MapVault to study significant historical locations.  Explore your own backyard, or the farthest reaches of the planet—anything is possible.

See how MapVault works: Click here to explore our demo site

Access Map Data Anytime, Anywhere

MapVault data is easily integrated into GIS software.  Access the MapVault catalog over the internet or through any WMTS (web mapping tile services) connection, or download layer files formatted specifically for ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, Global Mapper or other open-source GIS packages.

MapVault delivers the data you need—every map series is accompanied by an index map and fully attributed metadata formatted to ISO record specifications. Sheet-level metadata is provided for individual map sheets within series, including sheet name, number and publication date.  Where relevant, MapVault provides links to supplementary materials important for understanding map series, such as online resources for map legends and symbology.

How do I get Started?

Subscribe to MapVault today!  Flexible subscription options mean that you can customize MapVault to include your exact areas of interest, or select larger package options of related map series. Contact us for a customized quote or to request a free trial.

New map series are constantly being added to MapVault so be sure to check back often for the latest title lists of current and forthcoming map series.  Or contact us and ask to receive alerts when new titles are added to the platform.

Want to see your own resources added to MapVault?  Contact us to discuss solutions for making this happen!

Helpful Links:

 Demo Site • Brochure  Flyer  • User Guide

New Tilesets for October 2018:

• Greenland 1:50,000 Scale Topographic
• Papua New Guinea 1:10,000 Scale Topographic

Current Title List: