WHAT? MapVaultTM is East View Geospatial's (EVG) raster map library delivered as a streaming file service either through a web application or a client's GIS platform of choice. 

WHY? MapVault is an affordable, comprehensive service that brings hundreds of authoritative data sources together in one platform. This unparalleled streaming service delivers immediate access to the world's most extensive commercially owned geospatial library comprising hundreds of series, and different themes such as Topographic, Geological, Aeronautical, Nautical, Tourist and Thematic.

HOW? A MapVault annual subscription delivers significant flexibility to ingest raster data into multiple GIS platforms such as ArcGIS, QGIS, and GlobalMapperTM using a WMTS connection. These raster data products can also be viewed using the convenient web interface client from East View Geospatial. Access to this expanding library of maps is established by setting up credentials with East View Geospatial from an institutional account connection via IP range or obtaining an individual license access with specific username and password credentials.

East View Geospatial's commitment to the ongoing development of new and archival, authoritative data delivers a geospatial library that will constantly be growing with new products added on a quarterly basis.


  • A comprehensive assortment of open source raster data world wide
  • Access to National Geospatial Intelligence Agency raster data
  • Continuous library updates
  • Soviet map collection continually growing

Curious about a particular area of interest? Looking for regional datasets? Our data is highly customizable so you receive authoritative series coverage over your defined project area.

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