East View Companies


East View Companies bring uncommon information from extraordinary places to academic, corporate, legal and government information professionals throughout the world.  East View is headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, with major offices in Russia and Ukraine.  Since 1989, East View has developed a reliable and extensive acquisition network capable of satisfying the most sophisticated (as well as simple) information needs.


East View Information Services is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information products and services, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic databases, print periodicals, books and microforms.  Visit East View Shop to purchase or books, atlases, and more.


East View Geospatial is a leading provider of authoritative geospatial data and GIS production services and solutions.  Visit The Geospatial Shop to discover our vast cartographic and data resources.


East View Press is the journal and book publishing division of East View Information Services and its related company, East View Geospatial.


East View Map Link is America’s largest map distributor with access to hundreds of publishers around the world and a current stock of nearly 7,000 unique titles.


Omnimap is a major retailer of paper and digital maps, hiking guides, globes, and teaching materials with specialization in international mapping for nearly all countries and regions of the world.


East View Nautical delivers the latest paper charts, raster and vector bathymetric data, seafloor DEM modeling, training charts and publications from our network of hydrographic agencies throughout the world. East View Nautical is a subsidiary of East View Map Link.


Longitude Maps offers a huge selection of folding maps, wall maps, atlases and guide books from publishers both domestic and international.

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