Defense, Security, & Aerospace

Defense and Security

East View Geospatial first brought declassified Soviet military information to the west in 1989. Since that time, EVG has served the U.S. government, defense contractors, foreign governments and think tanks with hard-to-source licensed content and value-add production services.

Product & Service Offerings:

  • AMDBs – 2D, 2.5D, 3D
  • Basemap data for defense and security applications
    (topographic, mil spec, aeronautical, hydro-graphic)
  • Custom data and analytic capabilities
  • DTED (DEM spec/format)
  • Machine Learning Training Data
  • Navigation data for C2 systems
  • Satellite imagery & High-resolution terrain data

Global Authoritative Sources

Our vast distributed supplier network gathers geospatial data and academic, statistical and media publishing.  We have, or know, the whereabouts of critical, open-source information to support GEOINT and OSINT for all parts of the world. We cover all the bases!


Products and solutions for the aviation industry, including commercial airlines, avionics manufacturers, flight planing engineers and systems integrators. Our source material library covers virtually every geocell on Earth and is complemented by an impressive catalog of off-the-shelf products that include terrain data, vertical obstruction databases, digital topographic maps and aeronautical charts.

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