Military & Intelligence (GEOINT)

Products & Services for Geospatial Intelligence

Your Eye on the World for Reliable Information

East View Geospatial has been serving the US government, defense contractors, foreign governments and think tanks for over twenty years with hard-to-source licensed content and value-add production services.

Our supplier network gathers off-the-shelf geospatial products from academic, statistical and media publishing and built metadata repositories representing open source information of various types.  This is a vital competency that few commercial enterprises can claim.

GEOINT Products and Services:

  • Foundation Data collection and management services (TDS, MGCP, VMAP)
  • Cartographic product assembly (TM/MTM, TLM/MDG, EVMap, NAVPLAN)
  • Raster map processing (CADRG/ECRG, GeoPDF, Tiled Mosaics)
  • Custom database schema and format conversion (CAD data, VPF, FGDB)
  • Satellite imagery sourcing, processing and analysis
  • Geospatial sourcing missions
  • Geoname sourcing, collection and translation projects

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