Global Census Archive

More than numbers.

Census data provides unparalleled insight into the lives of individuals. In the first offering of its kind, East View Geospatial presents the Latin America Census Collection, the inaugural offering of the East View Global Census Archive (GCA). The Latin America Census Collection is an assemblage of authoritative census data from 19 countries across Latin America addressing a wide range of topics. Available for purchase individually by country, or as a group, the Latin America Census Collection is the premier source of demographic data for academic research.


Each Census product includes:


  • Intuitive organization of census data
  • Includes administrative boundary vector data

Census User Guide

  • Detailed instructions on how to query and visualize data

Original Census Documentation

  • Delivered in native language of origin country

Making information available.

When initially acquired, census data is stored in a complex database structure, limiting access to those with significant database management and programming experience. East View Geospatial simplifies access, formatting each collection into an easy-to-use geodatabase and providing a comprehensive User Guide. Follow the detailed instructions of where the data is stored, how to search for specific information, and how to visualize the data using a variety of GIS software. Additionally, the Latin America Census Collection contains the original census documentation for each country, allowing researchers to see first-hand how the data was gathered.

The data that grow with you.

We understand that the needs of you and your organization change over time. The Latin America Census Collection will continue to grow as new data is acquired and made available for purchase. In addition, as new datasets are added to the GCA, enhancements will be made to the mechanics and user interface of all participating datasets. East View Geospatial will provide updates that leverage these enhancements to you at no further cost providing you with ongoing value for your purchased collections.