Terrain Analysis Series

Detailed Local Geographic Data

East View Geospatial is pleased to present The Terrain Analysis Series, which utilizes the terrain analysis reports found on the verso side of the 1:200,000 scale Russian military topographic map series. These reports, drawing on detailed on-site surveys and long-term observations, provide an in-depth synopsis of essential geographic information for the country or region covered by the topographic map sheets. These unique databases deliver a descriptive and visual geographic knowledge base of a country’s population and terrain changes. Enhanced and updated with reports from additional data from authoritative sources, the collection of Terrain Analyses is complete first edition English translations and hundreds of full-color topographic and soil maps.

Terrain Analysis Features

The Terrain Analysis Series provides easy access to intelligence on:

  • Populated Places: From small towns and villages to major cities, local road conditions, building characteristics, water resources, housing density, sanitary conditions, telecommunications infrastructure, and population levels
  • Roads and Bridges: Load capacities, surface type (e.g., dirt, gravel, asphalt) and width, elevation and seasonal conditions
  • Topography and Soil Conditions: Altitude and slope characteristics for local terrain, types of soils (e.g., sandy, clay), and water tables
  • Hydrography: Major rivers, widths, depths, and flow rates, banks/islands, silting, freezing, pollution, and conditions affecting use
  • Vegetation: Grassy, forested shrubs, tree heights and types, predominant types of grasses, and crops cultivated
  • Climate: Temperature range by season, snow, rainfall, and wind conditions

The Ideal Resource for:

  • Peacekeeping Forces
  • Humanitarian Organizations
  • Embassy Personnel
  • Regional Analysts
  • Reconstruction Specialists
  • Local Authorities
  • Geographers and Earth Scientists
  • International Business Community

Available Titles

Current volumes of the Terrain Analysis series include country coverage of:

  • China* (1,615 map sheets)
  • North Korea* (34 map sheets)
  • Afghanistan (128 map sheets)
  • Jordan (26 map sheets)
  • Syria and Lebanon (47 map sheets)
  • Russia (2,043 map sheets, partial country coverage)
  • Ukraine (154 map sheets).

Each volume in the series is composed of individual reports analyzing the terrain and relevant geography of a single 1:200,000 scale map sheet, with a full-color small-scale overview topographic map and soil map of the region under examination accompanying the report.

Terrain Analysis volumes are available as print or e-books, and as online databases or XML datafeeds.

* China and North Korea include translations of the reports only; overview topographic and soil maps are available upon request.

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