The mapping of Belarus still follows patterns established when the country was one of the Republics of the Soviet Union.  Topographic mapping follows the Soviet pattern with series conforming to the 1942 system, published on the Gauss conformal transverse cylindrical projection, Krassovsky ellipsoid.

Soviet military topographic mapping of Belarus is available at the following scales: 1:1,000,000 (5 sheets, complete coverage, published 1979-1990); 1:500,000 (13 sheets, complete coverage, published 1978-1990); 1:200,000 (62 sheets, complete coverage, 1977-1992); 1:100,000 (184 sheets, complete coverage, published 1970-1989); 1:50,000 (713 sheets, complete coverage, published 1971-1991) and city (1:10,000 to 1:25,000) topographic mapping of 30 major cities from Baranovichi to Wlodawa published between 1960 and 1991.  These products are available in print, digital raster and digital vector GIS formats from East View Geospatial.

Since independence in 1991 a national mapping agency has been established in Minsk, Belaruskae Kartohrafa-Headèzichnae (BKHP).

Earth science mapping of Belarus was produced by Russian agencies, notably Vserossiiskoi nauchno-issledovatel’skii geologicheskii Institut (VSEGEI) in St. Petersburg.  The country was mapped in Russian 1:200,000 and 1:1,000,000 programs.  The agency responsible for earth scientific research is Belarus Committee of Geodesy, Minsk.

Recent publications include updated versions of the Soviet administrative series, issued as double-sided maps for each region and with an environmental map of the regional center on the reverse.  Tourist maps are also published and a map indicating the extent of radioactive pollution from the Chernobyl accident is available in an English language version.  Other thematic mapping depicting the results of the accident, but with a greater spatial coverage extending across eastern Europe and Ukraine, is also available.

Commercial publishers producing mapping of Belarus include Ravenstein, and Quail.

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