Cataloging & Metadata

Professional Archival Services for Physical and Digital Collections

As a professional data provider, we excel at organizing and attributing enormous datasets in an elegant and efficient manner.  With a staff that includes professional librarians and archivists, our cataloging and metadata services are prepared to handle any physical or digital collection and reflect industry standards.

Why Metadata Matters

Your content is critical.  From digital files to physical reports, having a standardized metadata scheme allows your organization to quickly discover, evaluate, and share information, saving time and money.  Using professional metadata formats such as ISO, FGDC, MARC, and more, we’ll systematically organize your collections and give you the data structure you desire.

From Physical to Digital

Preserve your physical collections with East View Geospatial’s digitization services.  We specialize in handling rare and unique collections such as maps, photographs, books, newspapers and many more.  Having served universities and libraries around the world, your collection is in safe hands.

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