Energy & Natural Resources

Facing the Challenges of a Constantly Changing Landscape

Diverse Resources and Applications

Our experienced work with oil, gas, mining and environmental firms for many years drives geologists, geophysicists, surveyors and engineers working on large and small scale projects to East View Geospatial to supply hard-to-acquire local mapping data, aerial, and satellite imagery.

We are often challenged to produce a Digital Elevation Model, extract geological vector data or perform other custom products for the end user.


  • High-Resolution 3D Terrain Data
  • Large-Scale Topographic and Geological GIS Vector Data
  • Authoritative Geographic Boundaries
  • Custom Procurement
  • Digital Maps and Charts
  • Satellite and Aerial Imagery


  • Pipeline Routing
  • Well Locating
  • Seismic Surveying
  • Terrain Analysis

Topographic Mapping

We offer large scale topographic mapping for nearly every area of the world from national large scale topographic maps, to various scales of Russian and American military sources.  Recent procurement includes Colombia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, and Kenya large scale topographic mapping.

Geological Mapping

Or large selection of geological and mineral resource maps cover most areas of the world and all manner of related specialty geological maps (magnetic field anomaly maps, quaternary deposit maps, prequaternary formation maps, lithostratigraphic maps, tectonic maps, hydrologic maps and soil maps).  Many custom geological maps come with extensive explanatory texts, often in English.

DEM Creation

We provide Digital Elevation Models (DEM) from various in-stock and easily accessible source materials.  Such products include Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM) at 90m, 50m, 30m, 5m and 3m and even higher accuracy for much of the world’s surface.  Source materials include global coverage topographic maps, stereo satellite imagery, and aerial photography.

Vector Extraction

We extract vector information from various sources, most notably large scale national mapping, imagery sources, and geological maps.  Our production team is highly skilled at providing the information in a variety of formats and highly customized specifications such as language translations.

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