GIS Vector Data

Plug and Play Datasets for Novice and Expert GIS Professionals

We Deliver Data so You Can Deliver Results

In the age of analytics, your insights are only as good as your inputs.  East View Geospatial provides best in class GIS Vector data to government, private, and non-profit organizations who leverage spatial analytics to make smart decisions.

Land Use & Land Cover

We regularly produce detailed land use and land cover maps for regions across the world.  Using satellite imagery and automated processing techniques, our maps provide superior detail at low costs.

Navigation Data

As official partners of HERE Technologies and TomTom Telematics, we offer full navigation vector datasets, including transportation network data and geocoding databases.

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More GIS Data

From building databases and administrative boundaries to geonames and points of interest (POI), we have an innumerable amount of GIS and vector datasets from around the world.

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