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East View Geospatial is your source for thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted custom maps.

Our team of expert cartographers is ready to develop a custom map solution that successfully communicates your vision.

East View’s cartographic production team now includes Benchmark Maps, widely recognized as an industry leader in high quality cartography, adding a plethora of expertise and creativity to our team. When you are looking for high quality cartographic content to represent your company, organization, idea, or to display proudly on your wall, we can make that happen.

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Custom Mapping Solutions

Note: Pricing given is approximate and may vary widely depending on your requirements. Actual estimates are detailed after consultation with East View.

Simple Customization

Limited customization such as personalized title and AOIs (e.g., a star to mark the location of a resort or cabin) and custom coloring (when possible). Multiple finishing options available including lamination, mounting, and framing.

Standard Customization

Simple map customization options and minor personalization (e.g., color-coding zip codes for a county or state, centering a map around your lakefront cabin, etc.).

Full Customization

Detailed map with more customization options, extensive labeling, enhanced design, multiple scales/maps, research and acquisition of geospatial datasets, complex data conversion, etc.


Custom Mapping FAQ

East View provides custom mapping services for a wide range of users:

  • Natural Resources & Energy
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Blue Economy
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Insurance
  • Shipping
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Legal

  • Environmental Conservation & Stewardship Organizations
  • Lake Associations

  • Federal Government & Military
  • Local, State & National Governments
  • Local, State & National Parks
  • Academic Institutions
  • Public Libraries
  • Museums

  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Vineyards/Wine Maps
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Antique Reproduction
  • Publishers
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Artists

Making a map is still mostly a human endeavor, so shortly after submitting a complete Custom Mapping Inquiry Form, you will be contacted by an East View cartographer to review your specifications and vision.

Typically, you will be provided with a rough draft of your map(s) to confirm the geographic extents and general layout. A quote will follow soon thereafter for your approval. Upon pre-payment or down payment terms, the process has the cartographer making a first draft of your map and submitting that to you for your editorial input. (We do have map editors, but find that you are usually the best, local expert that we like to include in the mapmaking process.)

This iterative editing process usually occurs three times with the third draft being considered final. You may always have additional changes and subsequent drafts but those may need to be quoted additionally. We find that most maps are made to everyone’s satisfaction in three drafts.

Geographic/spatial data can be presently found nearly everywhere these days. Some data is public domain, some of it is proprietary. East View has access to vast arrays of all sorts of geographic data. To keep costs lower, we will first attempt to use freely available data. However, you mostly get what you pay for and we want you to have the best, most accurate map to meet your needs. If you have your own data to include, then we insist on reviewing it prior to providing a quote. Please rest assured that any data you may provide will be held in strict confidentiality.

The price of any map will be in direct proportion to your vision. Thinking big and beautiful? Then a larger budget will be needed to make that happen. We pride ourselves on being able to make any map for any budget. But please keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Our staff of cartographers have decades of experience in a variety of industries that will ensure that the map you want will exceed your expectation not your budget.

The degree of customization required and your responsiveness to the process coupled with your deadline will mostly govern how quickly your map(s) can be made. For full customization maps in particular several months is most common and appreciated. Several weeks is pushing it but can be afforded. Several days is unrealistic.

East View can deliver your map in several formats. Our Print-on-Demand services offer one-sided sheet printing on a variety of print media (synthetic, paper, canvas, etc.) and can laminate if desired for acceptance of dry-erase markers, protection of the image, or avoidance of heavy glass if your intent is to frame it.

If you are wanting your map delivered as a digital image/file, then certain restrictions may apply if the data therein is proprietary. If you wish to own the live, editable file or the copyright to your map please keep in mind that such ownership may incur additional costs.

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