LandScan Global Population Database

The Industry Standard for Global Population Distribution

LandScan is an award-winning database developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the United States Department of Defense. Using an innovative approach including complex algorithms, GIS and remote sensing, LandScan measures daytime movements and collective travel habits of all inhabited land mass, generating a better representation of population density during an average day. It is an ideal resource for sustainable development, risk assessment, strategic planning, humanitarian aid, disaster response and disease modeling, and an essential analysis tool for insurance, telecommunications and other business applications.

Landscan Features

  • High resolution population distribution data (30 arc seconds or ~1km at equator) in a GIS raster (ESRI Grid) format
  • Distribution depicts ambient (24 hr. average) population distribution
  • Upgraded and updated annually to reflect changes in global political boundaries
  • Available for purchase by country, region or globally
  • Access LandScan via FTP, DVD, WMS/WCS or Web application

Now Available: Free copies of LandScan HD for Ukraine and Russia

Newly-released LandScan High Definition (HD) data over Ukraine and Russia provides gridded population estimates at 3 arc-second (~100m) resolution.

Population Data for Any Application

  • Disaster Response
  • Global Comparative Analysis
  • Population Trends
  • Market Research
  • Risk Analysis
  • Telecom Network Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Human Impact Assessment
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Disease Modeling
  • Academic Research

LandScan Global Archive

Available from East View Geospatial—a compilation of all historical LandScan Global population datasets dating back to the year 2000, accessible from a single web portal. A powerful tool for analysis of population trends and demographic changes. Available to purchase as a complete archive or in single years.

New From LandScan: LandCast

From the producers of LandScan, LandCast presents spatially explicit population projections for the contiguous United States for 2030 and 2050. This locally adaptive model projects an ambient population distribution at an approximately 1km resolution for each target year based on a business as usual scenario.

LandCast can be purchased as individual 2030 or 2050 datasets, or save when you purchase both years together. Contact us for more information or to place an order.

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