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East View Geospatial Partners with PlanetObserver to Offer Geospatial Data and Satellite Imagery on EVGeoCloud

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – October 22, 2013 – East View Geospatial (EVG) announces a new partnership with PlanetObserver, the leading provider of geospatial data and satellite imagery found within the European market today. PlanetObserver’s products will be hosted on EVG’s new EVGeoCloud, an online geospatial content platform built for Universities.

PlanetObserver produces satellite imagery and terrain products with global coverage. Their global portfolio of products spans 15m – 90m resolution and is useful in many types of field and academic research. Applications include 2D and 3D simulation and visualization, virtual globes, web mapping services and other GIS applications making it an ideal match for East View Geospatial’s EVGeoCloud platform.

“EVGeoCloud users will benefit from PlanetObserver’s 20 plus years of experience,” said Kent Lee, CEO of East View Geospatial. “PlanetObserver’s unique approach to digital-imaging tools and techniques is evident with their versatile catalog of high-quality products, such as PlanetDEM 30, a 30m resolution DEM compiled from 30-meter ASTER Global DEM v2.0 and PlanetDEM 90, rendering a seamless representation of all emerged landmass on Earth.”

PlanetDEM 90 is processed from SRTM data v4.1 corrected and completed with cartographic data representing a highly accurate product that has been acquired by major players within the spatial and defense industries.

Other PlanetObserver products available on EVGeoCloud are the global satellite imagery products, PlanetSAT 15 and PlanetSAT 150, representing 15m and 150m resolution, natural color imagery of the Earth.

The products available through PlanetObserver have been considered an asset to compliment not only EVG’s EVGeoCloud platform, but also its already outstanding portfolio of geospatial data, imagery and custom GIS products.

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