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East View Announces Availability of Newest LandScan Database

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – September 8th, 2016 – East View is excited to announce the worldwide release of the LandScan 2015 Global Population Database.

The newest iteration utilizes data collected during the 2015 calendar year, and features a number of updates from previous versions, including:

    • Adjusted population totals and distributions for Syria, Iraq and Ukraine to account for refugee and internally displaced persons movements as of June 2016
  • Results from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s LandScan HD data, (developed at 3 arc-seconds) for certain national and regional areas
  • Output from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Settlement Mapper Tool” (which rapidly delineates and characterizes settlements using high-resolution imagery)
  • Refined urban built-up areas
  • Thousands of additional smaller villages and populated places

Above: LandScan imagery highlighting the population change in Syria during the past year.

LandScan is an award-winning database developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the United States Department of Defense. The product uses spatial data and imagery analysis technologies to measure daytime movements and collective travel habits of all inhabited land mass, generating a better representation of population density during an average work day.

The database has been annually updated since 2000, making this the 17th version of LandScan. Customers can order the archive, featuring data from the previous 16 iterations, for an additional cost. Discounts are available for customers who order before September 30, 2016, as well as those who place a standing order during the same time period.

East View is the exclusive worldwide distributor of LandScan, fulfilling the population data needs of individual researchers, academic institutions, government agencies, humanitarian organizations and businesses around the world. To find out more about the 2015 LandScan Database or set up a trial, visit, email, or contact your East View representative.

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