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East View Geospatial Hires Benchmark Maps’ Cartographers

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – April 16, 2024 – East View Geospatial (EVG) is excited to welcome Thad Lenker and Ryan Reid, two outstanding cartographers that formerly worked exclusively for Benchmark Maps, an award-winning custom map publisher known primarily for the millions of its recreation atlases and maps sold over the last three decades.

Thad and Ryan join their former colleagues Neil Allen, now Lead Cartographer and Product Manager for EVG, and Bridger DeVille, the new Sales Director for East View Map Link, who joined East View Companies following its acquisition of the Benchmark Maps assets earlier this year. In their new roles, Thad and Ryan will help support and grow the Benchmark Maps product line and engage in custom cartographic solutions. Both newly added team members will continue to help produce maps from the Medford, Oregon office in collaboration with the core EVG staff headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thad Lenker, newly appointed Cartographer and Operations Manager Medford, has nearly 30 years of expertise in creating custom maps for a diverse portfolio of clientele. His attention to detail and reputation for high standards in mapping will blend well with the high-quality production work for which EVG is already known.

Ryan Reid, Cartographer & Lead Editor, will help advance the maintenance, accuracy, and beauty of the product lines and custom maps on which he has collaborated for nearly 15 years. Map editing is a unique skill that few people possess but that all maps continually need. Ryan’s proficiency will help lift all phases of the cartographic production and quality control processes at EVG.

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“With this recent addition of Thad and Ryan to EVG’s production team, we have grown and further strengthened our ability to support industry-leading cartographic services that cater to a wide variety of clients and market verticals,” said Nick Nazarenko, Geospatial Director for EVG.

Between EVG and East View Map Link, East View Companies maintains the world’s largest collection of commercial maps and geospatial data. With the addition of the Benchmark Maps cartographers, East View is solidifying its position among the elite providers of maps and geospatial data, whether they be off-the-shelf, repurposed, or custom created. Please visit for information on how EVG can support your mapping needs.

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