3D Modeling & Building Databases

Creating the Foundation for Smart Cities

From Simulation and Training to Network Planning and IoT, East View Geospatial supports technological innovation with 3D Models of landscapes across the world.  Whether modeling dense urban centers or remote terrains, we deliver accurate and detailed dimensions for your end use application.

When Accuracy Matters Most

With over 25 years’ experience serving the defense and intelligence communities, our accuracy standards have been molded to satisfy our most demanding partners.  Regardless of industry or application, we consistently deliver the highest quality models available.

Getting the Details

As our partners require more detail in their models, we’re continually developing new techniques to model even the smallest features.  From individual trees and bushes to street lights and telephone poles, we’re capturing the minutiae and making your model more realistic.

Delivering Across Industries

Whether creating Visual Databases for Software Developers or supporting Mobile Network Operators with 3D maps for network planning, we are ready to deliver the right data in the right format for your application.  Some of our most common productions support:

  • RF and Network Planning for Mobile Network Operators
  • Visual Databases for Simulation Software
  • Population Estimation
  • Construction and Engineering Projects
  • City Planning

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