Monitoring & Analysis

Turning Imagery into Insights

Leverage the skies to see what’s happening on the ground.  The ability to assess and react to events in real time provides organizations a competitive advantage and the opportunity to save time and money.  Work with East View Geospatial and discover how monitoring and imagery analytics can benefit your business.

Rely on the Latest Data to Make Decisions

As events unfold and ground conditions evolve, existing and available data can quickly become obsolete.  From conducting change detection analysis to rapid imagery classification, we’re continually developing advanced techniques to automate the extraction and delivery of updated datasets to keep you informed.

Bringing Data Together

With East View Geospatial, you have access to thousands of spatial datasets that intersect each other in fascinating ways.  Population Data.  City Models.  Transportation Networks.

We have the ability to bring together the variables your business needs and equip you with the power of spatial analytics.

Trusted When it Matters

We’re bringing our experience – and standards – serving the Defense and Intelligence community to the private sector.  Whether assisting in a humanitarian crisis, natural disaster assessment, or monitoring critical assets, we’re prepared to support you with the latest in spatial data and analytics.

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