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Bringing Our Global Network to You

East View Geospatial has an unparalleled network of data and content providers around the world

For over 25 years our strategy has been to be the leading knowledge center for the world’s maps and geospatial data.  From academics to individual explorers, risk assessors to software integrators, East View Geospatial is the trusted source for authoritative, accurate cartographic products.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of mapping authorities and publishers, from national mapping agencies to nautical and geological agencies, to bring you authoritative content direct from the source.

We’ve also centralized many commercial offerings, from satellite imagery to digital elevation models (DEMs), allowing customers to evaluate their many options in one place.

Not sure where to find data, or if it exists?

We’ll deploy our procurement team to track it down for you.  With field offices across six continents, we’ll travel to the far corners of the world to find what you’re looking for.

Our Products

  • Maps

  • GIS Data

  • Satellite Imagery

  • Digital Elevation Models

  • Population Data


Geospatial Data Custom-Built for You

We’ve thoughtfully assembled a staff of GIS, cartography, and remote sensing experts who ensure our partners receive the right data for their unique applications

This often involves producing custom datasets tailored to your needs.  We keep abreast of the latest available software and production techniques, ensuring we deliver your request quickly and cost effectively.

As a geospatial data provider, we regularly produce datasets for customers in a variety of industries, from military and defense to telecommunications and simulation.  With over two decades of experience, we’re intimately familiar with the differing requirements across industries, from product formatting and delivery methods to exceptional accuracy standards and rigorous quality control and assurance.  You can trust when you receive an East View Geospatial production that it meets your industry’s standard.

Who We Serve

  • Defense, Security and Aerospace

  • Military and Intelligence (GEOINT)

  • Academia, Library and Information Centers

  • Network and RF Planning

  • Energy and Natural Resources

  • Engineering, Construction and Planning

  • Insurance, Finance and Business Intelligence

  • Modeling, Simulation and Training

  • Media

  • Wholesale and Retail


Real-Time Insights and Information

We’re keeping an eye to the future to bring you the latest geospatial products and services

In the age of analytics, geospatial data is in demand like never before, and organizations are looking to leverage spatial analytics to make smarter, faster decisions at scale.

At East View Geospatial, we’re responding by developing new analytical services for our clients around the world.  Whether monitoring assets using the latest in earth observation technology or providing training and capacity building services, we’re equipping our partners with the tools they need to bring spatial analytics to their organization.

Our Services

  • Spectral and Hyperspectral Analysis

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Processing

  • Site Monitoring Change Detection Analysis

  • Machine Learning Training Data

  • Training and Capacity Building

Need Help with Sourcing, Production or Analysis?