Training & Capacity Building Program

Bring Production Capacity to Your Organization Through The Cartographic Capacity Building Initiative

East View Geospatial is prepared to equip your organization with geospatial production and analytical capabilities. Whether your organization is looking to establish cartographic production capacity, implement a GIS infrastructure, or become educated on data sources, our team can design and execute a comprehensive training program tailored to your goals.

The Cartographic Capacity Building Initiative

The training program, generally spanning multiple weeks and customized to client’s needs, consists of extensive hands-on training, immersive production exercises with next-day feedback and proprietary documentation which demonstrates the Data Sourcing, Feature Data Collection and Cartographic Finishing processes in a comprehensible way. Following The Cartographic Capacity Building Initiative certification, organizations will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and premier tools to create and publish new productions in-house at peak efficiency.

Training Tailored to Your Industry

With over two decades experience serving clients from across the globe in a wide variety of industries, we understand how spatial data can afford you a competitive advantage for how you operate.  From data sourcing to production and analysis, we can enhance your organization’s knowledge and skills in meaningful ways.

From the Ground Up

Our team can provide on-site or remote training experience for you or your staff, delivering a comprehensive, and dynamic learning experience. After conducting an initial needs analysis with your leadership team, we design a custom program with your hardware, software, data, and goals in mind.

Interested in EVG's World-Class Geospatial Training Program?