Terrain & Elevation Models

Accurate Models Ready for Analysis

Along with our custom productions, we’ve brought together the industries leading surface and terrain models.  We’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Terrain & Elevation Partners


Terrain Models (DTM)

Terrain models depict a bare-earth surface, void of vertical objects such as trees and building.  Common applications include Hydro-graphic modeling, engineering and construction planning, and natural disaster assessment and mitigation.

Surface Models (DSM)

Surface models capture the features protruding from the Earth’s surface, from man-made structures to vegetation.  Common applications include telecommunications and radio frequency modeling, urban planning, as well as simulation and training applications.

Custom Productions

When off-the-shelf data doesn’t fit your technical needs or budget, we create custom elevation models that satisfy your resolution and coverage requirements – developed and delivered with high quality at low costs.  We build elevation models with a variety of data including topographic maps, stereo imagery, point clouds, and LiDAR.

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