Mapping of Mauritius is the responsibility of the Survey Department in the Ministry of Housing Lands and Town and Country Planning (MHLTCP) but almost all of the topographic mapping of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island has been carried out by British and French agencies. A 1:25,000 scale series covers Mauritius in 13 sheets, and has been regularly revised. The latest sixth edition is published jointly by MHLTCP and the British Ordnance Survey International (OSI), uses the Lambert conical orthomorphic projection, Clarke 1880 ellipsoid, and maps relief with 10 m contours. It is compiled from aerial photographic coverage of the island. A number of smaller-scale single-sheet maps are published, catering in particular for the tourist market. These include a 1:100,000 scale map from Institut Géographique National (IGN) Paris, revised in 1990, and the 1994 version of an Ordnance Survey 1:100,000 scale map, which has 40 m contours and also covers Rodrigues Island. IGN also issues a special 1:1,000,000 sheet conforming to IMW specifications. MHLTCP has started a program to digitize these large scale plans and is capturing data from the north of the island and for large villages.

Soviet military topographic mapping of Mauritius is available at the following scales: 1:1,000,000 (2 sheets, complete coverage, published 1991-1994); 1:500,000 (2 sheets, partial coverage, published 1988-1989) and 1:200,000 (2 sheets, partial coverage, published in 1985). These products are available in print, digital raster and digital vector GIS formats from East View Geospatial.

Hydrographic charting of Mauritius is carried out by the French Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM).

1:50,000 scale soil mapping is published by the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI), covering the island in two sheets with an accompanying explanation. MSIRI collaborated with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to map Mauritius in a two-sheet 1:50,000 scale land resources and agricultural suitability map, also issued with an explanatory text.

Commercially published maps for the tourist market are issued by Karto+Grafik in the Hildebrands Urlaubskarte series, Freytag-Berndt (FB), Macmillan and New Holland.

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