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East View Cartographic Wins Contract to Produce 50K Scale Topographic Maps of Afghanistan’s Uruzgan Province

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – April 26, 2006 – East View Cartographic (EVC) today announced it has been contracted by the Royal Netherlands Army Geographic Agency to produce new 1:50,000 scale topographic maps of Uruzgan province in Afghanistan. The maps will initially support Dutch military deployments in the region as responsibility for this province is handed off from US troops. East View Cartographic was selected for the project on the basis of its established reputation as a trusted source for and producer of worldwide topographic map products at all scales.

Under the project, EVC will deliver 31 TLM (topographic line map) sheets in total, including the production of completely new map sheets as well as the updating of pre-existing maps. The project area covers over 20,000 square kilometers. Extraction and attributing of map features will be performed based on 2.5 meter resolution SPOT-5 satellite imagery supplemented by a variety of other data sources, including unique sources procured by EVC. Products will be delivered in multiple geospatial industry standard digital formats and adhere to precision military standards. Upon completion the maps will represent the most complete and up-to-date large-scale maps available of the area.

East View Cartographic maintains one of the world’s largest commercially available collections of authoritative maps covering Afghanistan and other countries in the region. Online products include EVC’s own publication entitled Terrain Analysis of Afghanistan, perhaps the most authoritative single compilation on the country’s terrain ever produced.

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