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Large Scale South African Mapping Available from East View Cartographic

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – June 8, 2006 – East View Cartographic (EVC) is pleased to be officially designated as a “Map Data Services Provider” for maps from South Africa’s Chief Directorate of Surveys and Mapping (CDSM). EVC is offering topographic maps, orthophoto maps, and aeronautical maps produced by CDSM. This rich collection is an essential tool for everything from planning and development to mapping routes for travel. Maps are available in paper and digital formats and EVC can configure and modify the data to suit customer needs.

According to Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View Cartographic, “The depth and breadth of the South African collection is impressive. EVC is proud to bring this high-quality data to the marketplace and sees this agreement as a model for future agreements with countries around the world.”

The strength of the South African collection comes from the 1:50,000 topographic maps. These are the largest scale maps available providing full coverage of South Africa. They are compiled directly from aerial photographs and contain essential information such as elevation, place names, boundaries, and magnetic data. CDSM has also produced several complementary series including 1:250,000 topo-cadastral maps, 1:500,000 topo-administrative maps, and 1:500,000 aeronautical maps.

In addition, CDSM has created an extensive library of aerial photos and digital map products. 1:10,000 orthophoto maps, combining the advantages of conventional line maps and aerial photography, cover 25% of the country. These maps are ideal for detailed planning in populated areas.

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