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Telberg Geological Map Collection Acquired by East View Cartographic

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA – August 16, 2006– East View Cartographic (EVC) has made an exciting acquisition of geological maps and atlases with a truly global scope. This collection, purchased from the Telberg Geological Map Service, contains thousands of unique items from regions such as China, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Telberg family built this collection by establishing supply relationships with virtually every geological mapping authority in the world.

According to Kent Lee, President and CEO of EVC, “Geological maps have traditionally been the most difficult scientific maps to obtain in the first place, let alone reorder once stocks are depleted. EVC will work to make thousands of titles from around the world readily available by systematically cataloguing and digitizing perhaps the first comprehensive private collection of worldwide geological maps.”

Core elements of the Telberg collection include virtually every geological map and atlas published in China since the end of the Cultural Revolution; geological maps and atlases from almost every country in Africa; items from virtually every country in Asia; complete regional Latin American coverage for geological maps and atlases; one of the world’s most complete assemblies of Soviet geological and geoscientific maps, and atlases; and many unusual geological publications.

Many of these items are now virtually impossible to obtain because they were produced in low press runs and come from some of the world’s most closed and isolated countries. As they are catalogued these publications will be added to the GIS-based EVC Store which can be used to search and browse EVC products at (

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