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East View, Soviet City Plans Featured in Leading Spanish Newspaper El Mundo

MINNEAPOLIS, USA. June 21, 2023 – Today’s issue of the Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo included a feature on Soviet military city plans by Jose Maria Robles titled “¿Qué buscaba la URSS en Badajoz, Lugo o Sabadell? La Península Ibérica podía ser el último reducto de defensa en Europa Occidental” (trans. “What was the USSR looking for in Badajoz, Lugo or Sabadell? The Iberian Peninsula could be the last redoubt of defense in Western Europe”).

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Prompted by the recent publication of the Soviet map of Seville in a historical map catalog, the author explores the scope of Soviet military mapping in Spain from the 1950s-1990s, including major cities as well as medium-sized and inland towns. In speaking with local experts and scholars, Robles outlines the strategic importance of Spain during the period alongside the sophisticated and far-reaching cartographic operations of the Soviets. One such expert, Joaquín Cortés of the Historical Map Library of Andalusia, even recalls being invited to Barcelona to view original copies of some of the Soviet city plans over Spain – recently acquired from East View.

East View has long provided access to Soviet military city plans. As Kent Lee, East View’s co-founder and CEO, mentions in the article, 30 years ago East View was dedicated to the distribution of recently declassified soviet materials, which in this case included Soviet military mapping over practically all countries of the world, including Spain. Today, East View offers Soviet maps over numerous Spanish cities, not to mention hundreds of other global cities, through its Global Explorer shop, or via Longitude Maps, where users can purchase the full set of maps for cities covered by more than one map sheet at a discounted rate.

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